At Your Virtual Service

I’m Dana Williams, owner of At Your Virtual Service. What is a “Virtual Service,” you ask?” I partner with entrepreneurs, small business owners, writers, bloggers, authors and potential authors.

For writers, bloggers, and authors, I help you bring your vision to life by editing, proof reading and even formatting books for print. I also ghost write for those who want to get the content out there, but who don’t have a gift for words, or just don’t have time to write.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, I help with the day-to-day tasks that are taking up your valuable time like email management, office supply ordering, content writing for your blog or website, etc. Basically, I do the administrative work, so you are free to build your business. 

  • Need a ghostwriter? I am at your virtual service.
  • Need a newsletter or articles for your business? I am at your virtual service.
  • Need editing, proof reading, book formatting? You guessed it… I am at your virtual service.

Not sure what you need but you know you need help? Click here and schedule a free discovery call with me.