How Tiny Changes Can Help Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is critical for business owners to prioritize their mental health. It is easy to become engrossed in day-to-day operations and overlook self-care. Neglecting one’s mental health can lead to burnout, (See my previous article here), lower productivity, and even physical health issues. Here are three straightforward strategies for company owners to prioritize their mental wellness.

  1. If at all possible, nap during lunch. Napping over lunch may appear to be unproductive, but it can increase productivity and focus. We are more likely to make mistakes, struggle to concentrate (hello caffeine), and have mood swings when we are sleep-deprived. A power nap can help ease these symptoms, allowing us to return to work with fresh vigor.
Not all workplaces permit resting throughout the workday. When I worked in the healthcare setting, I commandeered the chair in the breakroom. I have even gone out to my car during my lunch break! This is a terrific approach to prioritize your mental health if you work from home or have a private office.
  1. A little walk during your lunch break is beneficial. One of the most effective ways to improve mental health is through exercise. Physical activity alleviates symptoms of sadness, anxiety, and stress. It can also improve cognitive function and self-esteem.
Finding time to exercise can be difficult for business owners. A simple walk during a lunch break, on the other hand, can give tremendous benefits. Walking outside exposes you to sunlight, which might improve your mood and vitamin D levels. Bring on the power walk!!
  1. Detach from negativity. It is especially difficult for business owners to detach from technology. Setting limits on social media use and avoiding news during work hours can assist. If you need to stay current on industry news or other relevant issues, consider scheduling updates at specified times of the day. I have committed to read more on my off hours and only partake in Netflix or YouTube binges on the weekend.
Business owners can benefit from developing positive social ties besides limiting negative feedback. Building a strong support network of coworkers, friends, and family members can act as a stress buffer and promote mental health.
Our businesses benefit from prioritizing self-care. If you feel overwhelmed in your business and don’t know where to turn, maybe I can help. Click here to schedule time to chat. It’s free! Who doesn’t love free stuff!