One of my passions is to partner with writers to help their vision become a reality. That includes partnering as a ghost writer, proofreading, light editing and more. Do you have teaching materials you want in book format? I can help. Maybe you have teaching or informational videos that you want put in a book or a series of books. I would love to help. I can also format your business materials and books for print or kindle. Do you need someone to take your information and actually write a cohesive and engaging content? I can help! I am an award-winning author who loves words.

But my experience doesn’t stop there! I have over 30 years’ experience as an Administrative Executive Assistant in varying capacities. The bulk of my experience is in Wellness including Hospital Administration and faith-based ministry. I love to partner with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them with the administrative aspects of their service (to see a few ideas, click here) so they can get down to the business of, well, their business.

A few more interesting facts:

  • Originally born and bred a Californian, I transplanted to Washington State for twenty-one years. I am now back in California. Can you say location whiplash?
  • I am the proud mom of two adult children, one amazing son-in-law and a near-perfect grandson.
  • Cooking is necessary to live, however, it is not my superpower.
  • Writing, however, is a superpower. Words are cool. Especially when they make sense in a sentence.
  • I LOVE writing newsletters. I’m weird like that.
  • Oh, and I graced the stage as the Fairy Godmother in the stage version of Cinderella. I discovered a magic wand and pyrotechnics can be dangerous but fun.
  • But mostly, I LOVE being a midwife to people’s dreams. It is a great honor to come alongside other’s vision and see it become a reality.