Have a non-fiction story but don’t know how to write it? Not sure how to write an article for your blog or website? Have you always wanted a newsletter, but don’t know where to start? I can help! I have had the honor of ghostwriting several articles, newsletter communications, company communications, blog articles, and books. Click here to schedule a discovery call and tell me about your project. 


Newsletter writing, creation & management. Like most companies, you probably have a lot of information you want your perspective and current clients to know. I have had the honor of helping companies and sole proprietors “get the word out” via a monthly newsletter. Click here to schedule a discovery call and tell me all about it. 


Have you ever hit send thinking your copy is perfect, only to see a typo later? Been there. Done that. Grammarly and the Hemmingway app can only do so much. Human eyes catch things a computer app might miss like verb tense or those pesky cliche’s (a big no no in the writing world). I’d be happy to peruse your copy for typos, word usage issues and even do light editing. Click here to schedule a discovery call to see if I can help. 

Book Formatting

Have you ever opened a self-published book and struggled to read through all the busyness of typing and spacing distractions? I have. Few things are more painful to the eyes and brain than trying to read a poorly formatted book. I am at your virtual service to help! There are dozens of styles of formatting to match the mood of your masterpiece. With the help of specialized software, you will come away with a beautifully formatted book for kindle or paperback. Click here to discuss your project further. 

Blog and Content Writing

Don’t have time to update or write your blog? I can help. In this digital age, people want their information in short, bit-sized pieces. A blog can help. Are you an educator? Author? Pastor or teacher? A blog is a great way to get your materials out to your masses. Click here to schedule a discovery call to talk about your needs. 

Convert video and audio files into a book or materials

Do you have teaching video or audio files that you can see in book or article form? I can help! For those who speak or teach, having handouts or a book is an invaluable tool to be able to refer your students, clients, or congregation members. Click here and let’s chat. 

Digital Communication Management

Is your email inbox intimidating you? Perhaps scaring you? I can help. Or maybe you just need someone to unsubscribe from things and organize your inbox to make it more manageable.  Or are you going on vacation and need someone to personally monitor for emergent messages that need more personal attention than an auto-reply?  Not sure how I can help with this? Click here and let’s chat. 


Do you need help with a plethora of items, but nothing specific? A few other things I can help with is:

Data Entry, Presentation Creation, Digitizing and organizing paper files, and so much more. Click here to schedule a discovery call to see how I can help. It’s free!

Data Entry

All of us have had a series of records that need to be digitized. Let me help! Click here and set up a time to go over your data entry needs. It’s free!

Presentation Creation

Powerpoint presentations can either set you apart or put you to sleep. I can set up a beautiful powerpoint that will help you make your point. Click here to set up a time to chat about your project. It’s free!


Resumes: building, curating, formatting. Been a while since you’ve been in the workforce? You need a resume that will stand out from the rest of the pack. Click here to set up a time to see if I can help. It’s free!


You talk and I type. If you have any audio files like YouTube or even phone video, I can transcribe it for you so you have a written record of your talk. Click here to set up a time to chat about your project. It’s free!

Document Formatting

Do you have a backlog of MS documents or other word docs that need formatting? What about Excel – all those little boxes driving you crazy? I can help! Click here to set up a discovery call. It’s free!